Collaborative Thesis

This Research is a collaboration that aims to achieve affordable architectures responding to divergent contexts through the concept of ‘Multi-resolution’, a design methodology that scrutinises direct information from the user to perform a completely tailored architecture. 

A holistic process flow is designed for additive manufacturing of multi-resolution surfaces suitable for use as architectural components. This holistic process is compounded by input parameters, computational morphogenesis design, topology optimisation, FEM analysis, feedback loops and robotic fabrication.

The procedure intends to democratise the fabrication industry, implementing bespoke design and manufacturing in emanating markets that may bring new opportunities of appraising constructive requirements of an ever more digital society.



Manuel Rodríguez Ladrón de Guevara

Born in Cordoba, Spain, Manuel Rodríguez Ladrón de Guevara is a registered architect in Spain. He graduated at Polytechnic University of Catalonia, ETSAB in 2013, receiving Honors at his Thesis Research project.

He joined Enric Ruiz Geli – Cloud9 office as Project Architect and Team Architect in several international projects. He gained solid experience in construction working as an ARB architect in London, UK. His sensitive touch in design, robust skills in different software, construction methods, techniques and time management enabled him to design and build his first building in Spain as main architect at 25 years of age.

He joined Carnegie Mellon University as Research Assistant in the late 2016, helping optimizing the robotic workflow process for the fabrication of robotically augmented incremental forming metal sheets.

His specialization in computational design and industrial robotics guided him to lead alongside prof. Jeremy Ficca a workshop in Incremental Forming at the Autodesk Build Space in Boston. He instructed Pre-College Architecture course 2017.
He has been awarded by a scholarship from Carnegie Mellon University and GuSH grants program for Graduate Thesis.

He is currently enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University developing his Thesis titled ‘Multi-resolution in architectural design and robotic fabrication’ under the umbrella of prof. Jeremy Ficca, prof. Josh Bard, prof. Daniel Cardoso and prof. Mary-Lou Arscott.


luis portrait 2018bw.jpg

Luis Ricardo Borunda Monsivais

Mexican architect and designer. He Received a Masters degree in Architecture from Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña in 2013, obtaining 1st prize Fundación Arquia Scholarship and co-leading communication, sustainable design and construction of Solar Decathlon Europe competition entries in 2010 and 2012.

He has been awarded with the National Council of Science and Technology of Mexico scholarship to develop Phd research on digital design and fabrication periodic surfaces and fibrous structures  at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is currently collaborating in a research project on morphogenetic processes and additive manufacturing as Visiting Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University.

He worked 5 years with Enric Ruiz-Geli in Cloud9 in Barcelona as Project Architect of several internationally renowned projects.

Since 2016 works as Project architect in Sancho – Madridejos Architecture Office in Madrid, leading the design and site management of Alburouj Culture Hub in Cairo.