w08_102717_Josh Bard, Daniel Cardoso


10.27.2017. Week08_Josh Bard, Daniel Cardoso

Josh Bard:

The 3 typologies of the spectrum need to be variations across the surface. Weaving at this moment is too close to a surface. It needs to be closer to a tectonic frame than to a wall.

The 3rd family should be Stereotomic (stackable units). The units can be made out of whatever fabrication technique.

Regarding the advance with the 3d pen, more intuition of how it works is needed by hand before jumping to the tooling. Maybe going too fast at this moment.  

Daniel Cardoso:

Arxel suggests discrete units and weaving is just the opposite. Thinking more about how the experiments with the 3D pen push this part of the Research and fit it back to the arxel-origins.

At this moment, let’s forget a little bit about the architectural and/or social implications and allow more flexibility.


Objectile CNC theory talks about how objects in CD have vectors and fields under the hood.

Bruce Sterling, spines (across multiple scale). Same definition of the arxel with different lens.


The arxel manifesto is evocative, talks about architecture programming. How architecture is programmed. Arxel synthesizes architecture design through analytical lens of programming.  

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