week07_101317_Jeremy Ficca, Josh Bard, Daniel Cardoso (second and last day with Luis Borunda in Pittsburgh Fall 2017)


Weekly review.

Introduction of:

To approach nuance, fields for charactistics of the area as potential territories

Use of mutable (arxel-engine-genotype), immutable (Potential territories-Flexibility – phenotype) objects and user input variables (hyper tailored – prioritization – function arguments).

Condition of Tabula Rasa against Existing Structures (infrastructure)

Jeremy: If the role of the arxel acts as hacking metabolism (sixties reference), Question infrastructure role is then that of a scaffold final and fix.

A set of rules to how materials would manifest does necessarily relay pen a framework. It is important to define the role of infrastructure. A fixed notion of infrastructure against adaptive constructive role.

The relation of infrastructure and adaptive raises the matter of scale, magnitude, verticality. Is the information slab a literal plate (50cm) or a 10 meter structure? These scenarios will reach completely different outcomes.

How you understang infrastructure role in the arxel sets the rules of the game to fit their particular needs so that it:

Plays on existing infrastructure

Relies on existing infrastructure

Becomes inftrastructure

The drawing plans represent systems of nodes, as per the distance between elements is consistent it is structured as a grid. The resolution is represented in the mesh, although the arxel shared boundary limit condition (continuity), across scales resolution, sets of nodes, and nodes, resolution is distributed in the grid.

Try out a range of scales to speculate on possible outcomes.

To undersand affordances of that particular arxel language, Fabricability (friends with FDM), Structure, Surface area maximization.

Establish a Why one would tweak arxels to set the kinds of transformations:

          Reduce resolution, surface area, mass…

          Increase resolution, surface area, mass…

For certain resuls in order to inform.

Daniel: as focus of study now is to preserve some continuity: sparser, expanding, why the arxel has this particular shape?

Josh: The slab diagram is mute as multimodal coding of voxel wants to occupy. To make robust, what do numbers in diagram mean. Multiple values distributed through a color code.

What is actually changing at the unit level at the minimal surface? Go beyond structural performance based. How unit is articulated, related to global form? It needs to be a sense of target geometry, either shell or insides of mesh as a growth base?

Daniel: Resolution based is presented initially as a broad system, an architectural system. The variable densities of the minimal surface at the minimal unit constrain the experiment, not necessarily a problem.

Josh: How fabrication technology will inform the arxel?

Daniel: Which are the driving logics of the densities of the arxel

The project raises the question on how to have global control, as so much energy on varying one unit, how global occurs through variable densities. The system is Ok at unit level but how to confront the traits of architectural that deal not within the unit realm but this global constraints?

Fall scope

Define Arxel geometric families. Fabrication informed (computation informed)

——A————-B———— [———C—————D—————E———] ———-F————–G——

    |                |                  |

                                            TPMS (surface) PEN (linear)      x

May scope

                                                      |                  |                  |

                                            TPMS (surface) PEN (linear)      x


Post MAAD scope:


                                            TPMS (surface)   


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