week04_092217_Mary-Lou Arscott, Jeremy Ficca, Josh Bard, Daniel Cardoso

Immediate context, budget..

09.22.2017. Week04_All

References: Kim Kevin, Josh Thu….?: resolution of meshes. Develops an interface that does it.


Building scale, aggregation…. Different scales?

What degree of architectural prompt is this?

ETH large scale 3d printing_ aesthetic approach, baroque and ? of geometries.


Deposition depending on people’s needs.

Hierarchy of agendas, framing a ….

Different types of operation. Aggregation > design world of “subtraction and adding”.

What kind of design “possibly depending on the approach”


Daniel Cardoso:

Pre-rational: world of elements: bricks

Post-rational: form is discretized and it has a different paradigm.


Josh Bard:

User interface: interactive system (key feature). This needs to be pushed.

Stephanie Mueller, faBrickation opens loads of questions that Jeremy was asking.

It does not need to be one system. Architecture scale but locally detailing resolutions at furniture scale.

Design Computation Lab (UCL) are trapped in their own generative loop. System based on their rule settings, it’s too bracketed.

….? To highly specificity across the same system. Additive unit based construction with additive printing. It can incorporate ordinary things.

Architectural construction in a meaningful domestic domain. Amount of core of information, kitchen and bathroom have more resolution than other system (more information).


Jeremy Ficca

Aggregation of historical. Shingling, shedding, vernacular ones. Made the massing of the house more complicated.

Aggregate models get into multimaterial. Ask questions not answers.


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