week02_091117_Mary-Lou Arscott

09.11.2017. Week03_Mary Lou Arscott, 2nd meeting.

Discussion’s theme:

Thesis’ historical context, as well as architectural and digital background.

Documentation provided:

PaperV2, Funding proposal, Google Slides CONTEXT
General discussion:

-DEMOCRATISE, meaning? It is important, crucial for the sake of the project. What is this word about in my project, how to respond to a critique if this doesn’t end up proving concept.

-It is more about process than product. Hypothesis, new methodology of work.

-POLITICS behind the Maker Movement? Why? How it coexist with the current economy?

-Airbnb and Uber are the antithesis of collaborative economies, by defining the scope of money. Those are about other things.

-Construction industry is dying, following Ben Van Berkel phrase comparing life and iphones with construction and walkman.

-Scales of component of buildings

-Role of the architect, broad discussion about where is the architect in the process. She believes the architect is everywhere but mainly at the beginning. Ethical work.

-Inputs and how to think rational first, and technical later.

-Fabrication closer to our hands, maybe one of the reason is because we started to feel insecure about food industry and else?



Daniel Cardoso’s book_Builders of the Vision: Software and the Imagination of Design.

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