week02_090817_Jeremy Ficca, Josh bard, Daniel Cardoso

09.08.2017. Week02_Jeremy Ficca, Josh bard, Daniel Cardoso

Discussion’s theme:
Thesis’ historical context, as well as architectural and digital background.

Documentation provided:
PaperV2, Funding proposal, Google Slides CONTEXT

We continue talking about scale. Is this an object? Could be more about the join and less about surface?

Explore with more than just plastic, maybe concrete? Multimaterial? 3d printed metal?

Josh Bard: User input and iteration, semiautonomous agent iterating. Generic shape: multiresolution of the specific, rebuilding. Shallow meshes and output (Stephanie Mueller).
Generic power of manipulating form.

Jeremy Ficca: Prioritizing about this whole context and project. Infill / Solid things that are not solid? Approaching architecture from a different angle, different attitude of what we understand of surfaces/bones/meshes?
Fidelity in architecture: resolution
Drivers of resolution: structure, aesthetics, material/tectonics, performative metrics

Make a claim. Modify the claim because is more like a topic. State a position. CLAIM
By the end of the semester have an array of 3 different objects with 3 different resolutions and 3 different materials to compare. Procedural matrix how to generate research.

Conrad Bushima 1950, late 40s. Speculative work about broader context of scales, less about continuity and more about the join.
Robin Forest (Geometry digital) Daniel Cardoso

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