week02_090617_Mary-Lou Arscott

09.06.2017. Week02_Mary-Lou Arscott

First discussion with Mary-Lou Arscott. She opens the discussion abroad, towards a more contextual, theoretical brush. Introduction to inefficiency in design and construction.


Talked about the general purpose and the objective by the end of the year. It can be anything, as I will face some difficulties all throughout the year.

General scope:

Is this a critique of the world of excess we live in? Food waste? Critique of society. Through this inefficiency of the construction, I base my research in how to invert this inefficiency and through inserting more in the design stage, you get efficiency.

What is the commonality of the project? This is directly a project that ‘takes care of the people’, what about the common things that unify all us?

What is the way of thinking? Where do I lay into the process?


Log40 magazine, the little things San Jacob studio, John May – GSD

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