week01_090117_Jeremy Ficca, Josh bard

09.01.2017. Week01_Jeremy Ficca, Josh bard

Introduction to Multi-Resolution: Historical context, Theoretical framework, Digital context, Calendar …

Comments from the Thesis committee:

Discussion’s theme:

First discussion, touching base about what Resolution in architecture is and how it can have an impact. We talked about scales, materials and methods. 1st version of the paper presented. Inefficiency in design and construction.

Documentation provided:



This is an important matter that will come up throughout the whole course. How I understand scales in this project, in resolution. Right now is objectified oriented because it is a simple way to start thinking about resolution, but potentially could acquire bigger dimensions, even urban dimensions.

As well, it could be part of the building. Like a component that triggers other functions within the building.


Feedback received leant towards avoiding right now to not be open to other materials. Too early to close doors.


Josh Bard mentioned that this is an Agent Based Model design structure and there are a lot in computational affordability. Triangulizations, meshes, etc….

Jeremy mentioned the dichotomy between high and low res. Manifesting compromise?? Low res as an asset to….


General advice for next week to create a presentation to show the context of the thesis.


Fred Sandback (minimalist conceptual-based sculptor known for his yarn sculptures, drawings, and prints.)

Stephanie Mueller, MIT.

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